'She's turning purple:' 911 call details moments after lightning strikes woman in DeLand

Victim in very serious condition after strike near Denny's

DeLAND, Fla. – A woman was struck by lightning Tuesday evening in DeLand, city officials said.

The incident happened near the parking lot of a Denny's on North Woodland Boulevard at about 6 p.m.

The woman, identified by police as 41-year-old Summer Conner, is a manager at the restaurant and was outside talking to a man near his vehicle when she was struck.

She was taken to a nearby hospital in very serious condition, authorities said.

Jorin Irvin, who works at the Subway restaurant next to Denny's, said she heard a loud "boom" and saw first responders giving the victim chest compressions.

"It's tragic. You see lightning every day, but you don't ever think that it could happen so close to you or see somebody actually get struck by it," Irvin said.

A call to 911 detailed the moments after Conner was struck, and bystanders were left in a panic.

“She just literally just got struck by lightning. She was standing by the tree. She’s moving though," the caller said.

When the dispatcher asked the woman on the phone whether Conner was conscious and awake, the woman said she wasn't sure because she hadn't gotten close to her.

“We’re just standing around her. I’m scared to get near her," the caller said.

The woman said Conner was purple and her chest wasn't moving.

“She’s totally out of it right now," she said. “Her hands are like balls and she’s just laying there.”

Police said Conner's iPhone was found at the scene and had also been struck by lightning.

The phone of a woman who was struck by lightning in DeLand was damaged.
The phone of a woman who was struck by lightning in DeLand was damaged.

Conner remained in critical condition Tuesday, according to a police report.

Conner's daughter, who also works at Denny's but asked not to be identified, said her mother is recovering at Orlando Regional Medical Center.

"You really don't ever think that it's going to happen to you or someone you love," the woman said.

She said that her family has been struggling financially and her mother's recent promotion to manager was a blessing.

"It's been tough. She was so excited to get this. Please pray for her, please keep her in your thoughts and everybody is doing everything that they can," she said.

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