This teacher watched her former student's baby so she could attend a job fair

Teacher picks student up, babysits former student's newborn

(Photos courtesy of LaShonda Carter, Chicago Teacher/Larresha Plummer, Former Student)
(Photos courtesy of LaShonda Carter, Chicago Teacher/Larresha Plummer, Former Student)

CHICAGO – Chicago teacher LaShonda Carter said she received a message around 4 a.m. last week from a former student who had spent two years in her high school classroom, according to a report from CBS Chicago.

The student, 18-year-old Larresha Plummer, recently had a baby and needed help getting to an upcoming job fair. Carter immediately canceled her plans, picked Plummer up and sat outside the fair with her 5-week-old daughter while Plummer met with employers.

 When asked why, Carter said it was a no-brainer.

“I love my students,” Carter told CBS Chicago. “It goes outside the classroom.”

Carter explained that as a teacher, her job continues even after students leave school. She said they still need to be loved and nurtured, which is why she's happy to make the commitment to being a part of their lives forever.

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Plummer said she's grateful for Carter's commitment.

“She’s a great person to have,” Plummer said. “She’s always going to be here.”

The already heartwarming story even had a happy ending when Plummer got news that she'd have a chance at a new beginning.

By the early afternoon, Plummer was offered one of the jobs she applied for at the fair.

She thanked Carter for that.

"I feel like she’s the reason it happened,” Plummer said. “She is just a blessing.”

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