Crime scene photos shed light on investigation into Orlando woman's slaying

Marie Guth was found shot behind a building in January

ORLANDO, Fla. – Crime scene photos are shedding light on the investigation into the death of an Orlando woman, whose body was found behind a building in January.

Orange County deputies said Marie Guth, 29, was shot in the head by Felix Borbon, 21, who is now being held in the Orange County Jail without the option to post bond.

Pictures taken by investigators show the site where Guth was found in late January, as well as bullet casings on the ground and marks on the building where the bullets may have hit.

Other pictures show conditions at her home the day after she was found.

That's when detectives executed a search warrant and searched the home she shared with two roommates.

It shows the couch in the backyard, where one of her roommates told detectives Borbon hid something.

The pictures show a gun with ammunition hidden inside a sock.

More images show the remains of a burned out car.

Detectives said Borbon was driving that car, which belonged to one of her roommates, the night Guth was shot.

Investigators claim Borbon set the car on fire afterward.

State arson investigators ruled the fire was intentionally set with some sort of accelerant under the front seats of the car.

The images also show the charred remains of two firearms.

Borbon pleaded not guilty to first-degree murder and arson charges. His trial is set for October.


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