This new app turns you into any GIF you could need

Mojiit, 3D emoji app, works with iOS, Instagram and more

ORLANDO, Fla. – An app set to be released Friday might be your new iPhone necessity, especially if you're a GIF lover.

Mojiit, which is only iOS-friendly for now, turns you into a 3D emoji that comes to life as it moves with fun messages, dances and unique expressions.

The 3D character is completely customizable, which makes it easy for users to develop an emoji that looks like them or their more creative alter ego.

Here's how you can get in on the fun:

  • Download the free Mojiit app in the App Store.
  • Choose whether you want a male or female character, skin tone, what color and cut you want to rock as your hairstyle, your facial structure and other features, whether or not you'll wear glasses and makeup and add freckles or a beauty mark, if you want to.
  • Choose your favorite outfit.
  • Let your customized Mojiit load.
  • Send it to everyone you know to show off your new look, fun dance move and witty replies.
  • [WATCH BELOW: Step-by-step instructional video]

    According to company officials, the app allows users to choose from more than 500,000 customization options. 

    Can't find what you're looking for? App designers included a feature that allows you to tweet the Mojiit company to request a certain style. All you have to do is tweet them a selfie asking for what you'd like to see. 

    You can go back into the app and change your outfit, hairstyle or other features whenever you'd like. Users receive 50 free credits upon download, but will need to buy more credits if they wish to make any changes after redeeming the initial ones.


    Once your Mojiit is done, you can choose from a variety of animated stickers to drag and drop them directly into your conversations.

    IPhone users looking to send them via iMessage or SMS text message can go into one of their conversations, click the blue "App Store for iMessage" button and select the yellow Mojicon button from the bottom banner. Next, select the Mojicon you want to use and either tap it so it shows up as an image that you can send or drag and drop it onto the conversation above to send it. Users who don't have the app will still be able to see it.

    The Mojicons are also supported by many other devices and platforms, including Android, Facebook and Instagram. 

    Company officials said they hope to expand the app to other platforms in the near future.

    To find out how you can download the app and get step-by-step instructions to build your Mojiit, watch the video below.

    [WATCH BELOW: Step-by-step instructional video]

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