Baby donkey stolen from Ocala family's field, woman says

Reward offered after 2-day-old miniature donkey goes missing

(Photo: Ligia Enciu Amyotte)

OCALA, Fla. – A Central Florida woman is looking for her newborn miniature donkey after she said it was stolen from her family's field last week.

In a Facebook post, Ligia Enciu Amyotte said someone stole Pebble the baby donkey from the front field of her family's Ocala property.

Amyotte said she's concerned because Pebble was only two days old when she was taken and still needs to be cared for by her mother.

"She will die! Baby is only 2 days old and needs her mother," Amyotte wrote in the post.

Video taken before she disappeared shows Pebble eating and playing in the field with her parents.

I dreaded writing this... I am not the "bring my emotions out to the public" type, and lately it seems I've been crying out to complete strangers ... nonetheless I felt so obligated to follow-up with so many of you that showed us so much kindness and have prayed with us! And for the others whom thought we were being ridiculous because it had to have been a predator that took Henrietta’s baby…. We understand your thoughts too! Because even though I wanted to scream out reasonings at you, I couldn’t waste the energy in doing so, because the energy I did have left; after all this, was for my husband and children. After a long 13 month pregnancy: a week ago today, we were introduced to Pebble! We were all so excited and it seemed every moment we had we would sit and stare at our new animal family! This is one of the videos we captured of Pebble running around worrying her momma because she wasn’t touching her!! Now we spend our time sitting and staring! Wondering! Worrying! Its driving us insane! And what makes it harder is that even though I wanted our story to reach so many people so that we can get Pebble back, we are bringing worry to so many other people! We knew raising the girls around a farm would introduce them to the realities of nature. And as a family, we all mourned losses of our other animals together! However, mourning a loss that didn’t have closure was something we were not prepared for. I want to find a bone! Skeletal remains! That sweet baby’s fur! Anything to prove that no one would be sick enough to take a new baby away from its mother! However it happens every day! With our babies! I have since felt guilty that all this attention should be focused on those lost babies! Because I feel like this lost baby won’t ever be returned to us! I don’t want to give up! And I won’t! The case of the missing baby donkey is out there! I never imagined our story would reach so many people all over the country! My heart goes out to all of whom have worried with us! I don’t wish this worry on anyone! I have tried Animal Communicators/psychics, I’ve tried a large reward, I’ve knocked on strangers doors, I’ve had signs made and nailed them on every corner surrounding us, put my story on the news pleading for people to help, and most importantly I’ve prayed! The most rewarding thing out of this is that prayer brought a community of people together! And that I appreciate the most out of this! Whomever has Pebble, I only pray you have the heart enough to care for her if you plan to not return her!! I pray that God helps my heart and that it doesn’t fully consume such sadness and anger towards whom has taken her!!My heart can’t take it anymore! I pray for closure! Again… please excuse any grammar errors and I hope this was worded correctly… If Pebble does happen to be returned to us, I will surely update all of you! Thank you all so much for being so wonderful! So kind! And so caring! Xoxo Love, The Amyotte’s

Posted by Ligia Amyotte on Friday, August 31, 2018

Amyotte said she's sure another animal didn't get a hold of Pebble and that someone had to have taken her.

"No signs of predator! Mother would have only allowed a human to take baby," Amyotte wrote. Please help!"

Amyotte is offering a cash reward for the donkey's safe return. See the full Facebook post below.


Posted by Ligia Amyotte on Sunday, August 26, 2018

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