New 'No Parking' signs now up in Avalon Park

Residents still parking on both sides say they didn't notice signs

AVALON PARK, Fla. – All across Avalon Park's Village 6 neighborhood new, "No Parking" signs have popped up.

The new signage is a result of a story News 6 has been following since 2016, after Avalon Park resident Russ Mozier said Orange County EMS had trouble getting to him when he had chest pains, because drivers were parked along both sides of Avalon Park's narrow streets. 

Since then, with Mozier's story on News 6 and with concerns from Orange County firefighters and the fire marshal, Orange County officials decided to install the "No Parking" signs to prevent double side street parking. 

According to Orange County officials, installation began in August and many of them were put up just over the Labor Day weekend. However on Tuesday,  several cars were still parked on both sides of the road, some right next to the new signs.

"I didn't even notice," said Avalon Park resident Janet Acosta. She was parked on the wrong side of the road but didn't even realize the new signs were there. "I'm surprised."

Avalon Park resident John Brennan also didn't see the new "No Parking" signs just a block away from where he was doing yard work Tuesday. 

"I didn't see those," Brennan said. "I knew they were coming up soon because we have been watching what side of the road we are supposed to be on."

Orange County officials voted to install the 150 signs in May. The installation, county officials said, will be a two-phase project beginning with Avalon Park Village 6, Village 5, Village 4 and so on. 

It could take weeks before all the signs are put up. 

However, Orange County deputies say Avalon Park residents should pay attention now.

According to an Orange County Sheriff's Office spokesperson, residents will have a grace period which is typically three weeks before citations will be issued. However, the Sheriff's Office says deputies are already out on patrols handing out paper warnings. Once that grace period is over, residents can then face a $30 fine. 

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