WATCH News 6 Now: Florence continues trek toward East Coast; youth e-cig 'epidemic'

News 6 Now -- 9/12/18


Hurricane Florence is continuing its trek toward the East Coast, and we're continuing to watch its track closely. Get the latest on the storm and the rest of your Wednesday news and weather below.

Florence update

Florence has been downgraded to a Category 3 hurricane, but that doesn't mean the powerful storm should be underestimated. Find out how the tropical monster will impact the Orlando area.

New Apple gadgets

Apple's annual September press conference brought some exciting news Wednesday: three new iPhone models and an upgrade to its Apple Watch. See the changes the upgrades will bring to your favorite gadgets.

Now hiring

Central Florida doesn't lack much of anything, but there is a shortage in bus drivers right now, according to some local employers. Find out what companies are hiring and how you can apply.


Having trouble communicating openly with your kids? One dad launched a genius plan called the X-plan that he says is improving that and could save your teen from a scary situation. See why he says the judgment-free plan works and whether it could be a good fit for your family.

E-cigs and teens

Is your teen into e-cigarettes right now? Many seem to be falling into the habit of smoking them, and the Food and Drug Administration says it's taking action against it. See what the administration is doing to fight what it's calling an epidemic.

More trouble in tropics

Five named storms in the Atlantic all at once would be five too many, right? Well, models show it could happen -- and it'd be the first time in recorded history. Get a look at what's swirling in the tropics now and what the News 6 Pinpoint Weather team is watching for potential development.

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