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Hurricane Florence hits Carolinas; Trump denies Maria death toll


All eyes are on Hurricane Florence as the storm's outer band starts lashing the Carolinas Thursday. That and President Trump's comments denouncing the Puerto Rican death toll caused by Hurricane Maria, without proof, are Thursday's top stories as seen on News 6 and ClickOrlando.com.

Live track and radar for Hurricane Florence; Is Hurricane Isaac a threat?

The storm is headed toward the Carolinas with an enormous wind field and winds of more than 100 mph. The National Weather Service is forecasting "significant" river flooding, especially in the northeastern portion of the state. That same area experienced dangerous flooding after Hurricane Matthew in 2016. Follow live updates on Hurricane Florence here.

Meanwhile, Hurricane Isaac is moving west toward Cuba. With four named storms -- and a possible fifth on the way -- Floridians are keeping a close eye on the tropics. Here is what models show Isaac is likely to do.

President Trump denies Puerto Rico death toll from Hurricane Maria

In a tweet Thursday, President Donald Trump denied the recent study that concluded nearly 3,000 Puerto Ricans died from the effects of Hurricane Maria. An estimated 2,975 people died from the aftereffects of the storm, according to the study. Government officials have responded critically to Trump's statements. See the local and national officials' responses here.

Is Pluto a planet? Does it matter?

It's no wonder Eris, the discovery that took Pluto's planet title, is named after the Greek goddess of strife and discord. The debate of Pluto's planet status gets rekindled frequently when researchers find new reasons to restore the dwarf planet to its former glory as a planet. We asked space enthusiasts why the tiny world matters to so many people, not only to the scientists who are arguing for either side, but the general public. Here are their answers.

Palm Bay officers exposed during overdose call

Two Palm Bay police officers were briefly hospitalized after they had trouble breathing when they were exposed to an unknown substance during a drug overdose call, officials from Palm Bay Fire Rescue said.

PSA: Publix Subs are on sale

All Publix subs are on sale this week. What more do you need to know? But if you do need to know more, here are all the details. #TreatYourself.

More weed washes up on Central Florida beaches

Once again, bundles and bricks of marijuana have washed ashore in Central Florida, this time in Flagler Beach. Flagler County Sheriff Rick Staly said the department has collected about 100 pounds on marijuana from beaches just on Wednesday alone.

On Thursday, the sheriff said even more marijuana washed up, this time on the beach in Jungle Hut Park. Before deputies arrived, beachgoers were arguing over whether to keep the drugs or turn them into law enforcement.

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