Drivers on I-4 to begin taking temporary exit ramp to reach Princeton Street

Drivers will have to get on ramp right after Colonial Drive

ORLANDO, Fla. – Starting Saturday, drivers will be forced to take a temporary exit ramp to get to Princeton Street.

"We're all inconvenienced by it, and we all just need to find patience and deal with it," Sean Jacobus said.

Drivers are currently able to get off on Exit 85 to Princeton Street. I-4 Ultimate workers said now, the exit is moving 2 miles sooner.

Jacobus has lived in the area for decades and is excited about the change.

"It's a horrible mess. This should have been done in the 1970s, not in the year 2018," Jacobus said.

"This is my exit since they took Ivanhoe away, so this would be the exit I always get off at," Drew Webb said.

Drivers will have to get on the ramp right after Colonial Drive. That's before you drive over Lake Ivanhoe. If you're not watching for this change, you're going to miss the exit altogether.

"Quite aggravated, considering I work 5 miles away, and because the closing of exits and on-ramps at times, even getting off at midnight, it takes an hour to get home," Webb said.

Workers said they need to make the change to the Princeton Street exit to make room for the new permanent lanes being built. Signs will be posted to help direct traffic.

"Better wake up earlier and go to work earlier. That's the way to do it. We all have to adjust our situation," Jacobus said.