News 6 at 6 -- 10/9/18

Michael gains strength in Gulf; UCF student goes viral


Hurricane Michael is gaining strength as it continues its trek toward the Florida Panhandle. Get the latest on the storm and the rest of your Tuesday news and weather below.

Storm track

As of 5 p.m. Tuesday, the Category 3 storm was picking up steam in the Gulf of Mexico and packing wind speeds of up to 120 mph. See the updated track for Hurricane Michael.

Orlando impacts

As Hurricane Michael heads toward the Sunshine State, parts of Central Florida could experience tropical storm-like conditions. Find out how the storm could impact the Orlando area.

Free Airbnb

Airbnb is offering free housing for residents forced to evacuate the Panhandle and Northern Florida due to Michael. See the list of communities offering free stays.

Gas demand

Some gas stations have been tapped out as the demand for fuel surges ahead of Michael's landfall in Florida. Check gas prices in your area.

Voter registration

Tuesday is the last day to register to vote in Florida, but the state is extending the deadline for some counties due to the storm. Find out which counties will be accepting applications later this week.

Jim Cantore warning

A Florida county threatened by Michael is warning The Weather Channel meteorologist, who is well-known for being at the scene of major storms, to stay away. See the warning the sheriff's office posted online that's getting a lot of attention.

Viral UCF student

With a single tweet from his mom, a University of Central Florida student was thrown into an anti-#MeToo movement, becoming the unwilling face of the #HimToo social media campaign. See how the Navy veteran is using his unexpected internet fame.