This new service takes photo editing to the next level

Krome Photos available online, in App Store

ORLANDO, Fla. – In today's society, we've pretty much all become professional photo editors and filter users so we can upload the best content to our social media pages, but a new service is taking that to the next level. 

In fact, you pretty much just have to take the photo, then leave it to the team of editors ar Krome Photos to make it something special, and they do a bit more than just correct the lighting and smooth your wrinkles.

Whether you want professional family photos to hang in the living room, glossy pictures of inventory to upload to your business' website or a fun group photo to spice up your news feed, they've got an editor fit for the job.

You can add people or pets to pictures, remove someone if you just want a selfie, or turn a backyard photo shoot into a sunflower field session. And, of course, the editors take requests.

According to Krome Photos, it all happens in the following three simple steps: 

  • Submit a photo: Submit a Photo. Pick an order option, select your photo, see recommendations, pick a look or make requests.
  • Have it edited: Have Krome work on your photo. A real pro design director will create your photo and send it back to you within hours.
  • Post or print: Review your design. Satisfaction Guaranteed. Request a free re-edit if needed. Share, post and print.
  • The News 6 at Nine team put the service to the test, asking the editors at Krome Photos to help get them in the Halloween spirit -- fun costumes, busy backgrounds and all.

    See the team's before and after photos in the slideshow below.

    [PHOTOS: News 6 team tries new photo editing service]

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    The holiday edits won't end when Halloween does. Company officials said they're currently offering a free picture for military families so they can be together virtually even when they're not, which gives them the chance to send out a complete Christmas card to their loved ones, similar to the one seen below.

    Krome Photos allows military families to be together virtually if they're apart for the holidays.

    The service is available online all year at or can be downloaded as a free app for iPhone users. Users will pay per edited picture, and prices vary based on the service. According to the company's website, the 24-hour service edits and delivers requests within hours for less than $12

    Click here to see editing tips or browse other pictures for inspiration. 

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