WATCH: Video of school bus going nearly double speed limit prompts investigation

Marion school bus driver being investigated after video shows speeding bus

(Photo: Suzanne Goodson Perkins)

OCALA, Fla. – Marion County officials are investigating after video posted online shows a school bus going almost double the speed limit.

The video, which has been shared more than 1,200 times since last week, shows a vehicle following the speeding bus as the driver takes a curve going more than 60 mph. The speedometer of the car the woman recording the video was driving shows she was going 67 mph as she drove behind the bus.

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According to the woman who posted the video, the speed limit in the area is 35 mph. She said she sees the bus fly through the area every afternoon.

"This is everyday at 3:15ish heading east on NW 125th st in northwest Marion County," the post read. "The posted speed is 35-however this bus driver has NO problem risking the lives of his/her precious cargo buy (sic)  taking the curve at 67.... YES 67 miles per hour!"

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Marion County Public School officials said transportation officials are looking into the situation.

"Our transportation department is investigating this allegation and will likely hand down some type of discipline to the driver. What specific discipline has not been determined at this time," Kevin Christian, a spokesman for the school district, said.

It's unclear whether any students were on the bus at the time the video was taken.

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