UCF cheerleader accused of sexual battery ignored victims' pleas, police say

'You're saying no, but your body is saying yes'

Dawan Carter
Dawan Carter

ORLANDO, Fla. – A former University of Central Florida cheerleader accused of sexually battering two of his teammates ignored them as they repeatedly asked him to stop and urged them to give in to him, according to UCF Police Department officials.

Dawan Carter Jr., 22, was removed from the team after he was arrested Friday on two counts of sexual battery, battery and aggravated battery in connection with an incident where he was accused of choking a teammate until she became unconscious.

Police said two women on the cheerleading team accused Carter of sexually battering them in September.

The first woman victim said she allowed Carter to come to her dorm room the morning of Sept. 6 while she was sleeping before class, according to the affidavit. Carter took off his shirt and got in bed behind her, which the victim said made her uneasy because she and Carter had never been intimate, police said.

The victim removed Carter's hand from her crotch approximately seven times and told Carter she "did not want this," to which he replied, "Why not? Bad decisions are fun," according to the report.

Police said Carter digitally penetrated her and although she tried to stop him, he overpowered her.

Carter told the victim, "You're saying no but your body is saying yes" and "When you stop resisting, it'll be OK," records show.

The victim said she eventually froze and stopped resisting. She told an officer that Carter was very manipulative and controlling.

The second victim told officers that she was drinking with Carter and other cheerleaders on Sept. 29. When she became too intoxicated, she asked Carter and some other teammates to drive her back to her dorm, the report said.

The woman got into bed and Carter began making comments that he wanted to engage in sexual activity, to which she replied no, according to authorities.

Police said the victim kept saying no as Carter touched her inappropriately and digitally penetrated her. The victim eventually stopped resisting and Carter left the room after about five minutes.

When authorities interviewed Carter on Tuesday, he admitted to engaging in sexual activity with both women but denied that they said no or tried to resist during the encounters.

Carter has since posted bond and has been released from the Orange County Jail.

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