Student wearing ammunition on Halloween costume detained at UCF

Man was dressed as Terminator

ORLANDO, Fla. – Police were called Tuesday after a student was seen in a University of Central Florida classroom building wearing a Halloween costume with live ammunition on it, UCF Police Department officials said.

Police said they were called to the Classroom I building about the individual, who was wearing a "Terminator" costume that included a bandolier belt with live shotgun shells strapped across his chest, according to a picture provided by police.

UCF Police Chief Carl Metzger said the 20-year-old student was detained, questioned about his attire and then released. It is not illegal to have ammunition on campus.

"When that call went out, the hair on the back of all of our necks went up and we got there quickly," Metzger said, adding that officers found the student in a classroom within minutes. "We don't take those chances and we're responding out there like it's the real thing."

The student, a junior, will not face criminal charges, although it's possible that he could be referred to student conduct.

"There was no ill intent on this student's part but it certainly wasn't the smartest thing to do," Metzger said.

In a tweet, UCF police department officials reminded students to exercise caution when choosing a Halloween costume.

"Do NOT incorporate simulated or ACTUAL ammunition/weapons into your costumes. It scares others & puts safety at risk. If you see suspicious activity, call 911 immediately," the tweet read.

Metzger said police only received one 911 call about the student; he believes they should have received dozens.

"It looks alarming, it looks threatening, it looks scary. If I had seen this as a student, I would have picked up the phone and called 911," Metzger said.

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