Amendment 11 allowing prosecution updates, ensuring property rights passes


ORLANDO, Fla. – Amendment 11, which pushed to wipe out limitations to own property and allow someone's criminal sentencing to reflect any changes made to prosecution standards, passed with more than a 60 percent vote.

The amendment reserves basic human rights to reserve property, which states, "No person shall be deprived of any right because of race, religion, national origin or physical disability."

Florida is one of three states that enforces the "Savings Clause," which forbids making changes to criminal sentencing laws. This amendment pushes to update criminal sentencing for those who are serving time if there are changes made to any criminal statute. It also worked to remove "obsolete language" approving a high-speed rail because Floridians voted down the project in 2004.

Those who supported the amendment include the Florida Chamber of Commerce, Asian-American groups and gun rights groups. 

A lawsuit was filed by former Supreme Court Justice Harry Anstead, who claimed the amendment violated First Amendment rights by including unrelated issues. In September, a Leon County judge ruled it be removed from the ballot, but the state appealed the notion.

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