Florida votes to keep Republican Jimmy Patronis as Florida's CFO

Patronis defeats ex-Yahoo executive Jeremy Ring

Jimmy Patronis
Jimmy Patronis

After becoming Florida’s appointed chief financial officer last year, Republican Jimmy Patronis will remain in the Florida Cabinet seat for another four years after winning the Nov. 6 election.

Patronis became Florida’s CFO last year when Jeffrey Atwater stepped down. Gov. Rick Scott selected Patronis as his temporary replacement.

On Tuesday, Florida voters officially elected Patronis to the state executive position. He defeated former state senator and ex-Yahoo executive Democrat Jeremy Ring.

Previously, Patronis was elected to the Florida House District 6 seat, which includes Panama City Beach and Tyndall Air Force Base, in 2012 after running unopposed. He also served on the Florida Public Service Commission.

What does Florida’s chief financial officer do?

The position was created in 1998 to combine several state offices that dealt with financial-related services, including the Departments of Insurance, Treasury, state fire marshal and Banking & Finance. 

The CFO officer serves a wide variety of roles including insurance and consumer protection answering questions from residents about fraud. The officer also oversees unclaimed money from overpaid taxes and the like, as well as unclaimed property from land to personal items left in safe deposit boxes.

The chief financial officer also acts as the state fire marshal and serves as one of three elected members of the Florida Cabinet. The Cabinet oversees statewide purchases, along with the governor.

To qualify for the position, the CFO must be at least 30 years old and have lived in Florida for at least seven years.

Florida’s CFO can serve up to two four-year terms and receives a $128,972 annual base salary. 

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