Here's a look at the amendments that passed in Florida on Election Day

New amendments end greyhound racing, restore felons' voting rights, more

(Photo by Scott Olson/Getty Images) (Getty Images)

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. – Eleven of the 12 proposed amendments to the Florida Construction received the 60 percent of votes they needed to pass on Election Night.

The only amendment that failed was Amendment 1, which would have provided an increased tax break on certain homes worth more $100,000. It only received 58 of votes.

Here is a list of the passed amendments and how they will affect you:

Amendment 2: Property tax assessment increases will be capped at 10 percent each year. Read more here.

Amendment 3: Voters have the right to decide on and approve new casino locations. Read more here

Amendment 4: Former felons will have voting rights restored, except those convicted of murder or sexual offenses. Read more here

Amendment 6: This amendment is comprised of three parts. They are providing more specific rights to victims of crimes, setting teh retirement age for judges at 75 and prohibiting state courts from deferring to an administrative agency's interpretation of a state statute or law in lawsuits. Read more here.

Amendment 5: A super majority vote will be required to increase taxes. Read more here

Amendment 7: Spouses of first responders and military members will receive certain death benefits, the voting system for increasing college student fees will require a super majority vote and the state college system will be established. Read more here

Amendment 9: Offshore oil and gas drilling in state waters and indoor vaping in the workplace are both banned. Read more here

Amendment 10: This bundled amendment would create a counterterroism office in local law enforcement agencies and move legislative session to January. Read more here.  

Amendment 11: Limitations to property ownership and retroactive altering of a criminal sentence based on new prosecution standards will be eliminated. Read more here.

Amendment 12: Ethics rules for public officials will be tightened. Read more here.

Amendment 13: Dog racing will end in Florida. Read more here.

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