Medical examiner rules Clermont baby's death as undetermined

9-month-old Zachary Jackson found unresponsive at home day care in July

LAKE COUNTY, Fla. – The medical examiner's office recently completed an autopsy of a baby boy who was found unresponsive at a Clermont home day care earlier this year.
According to the report obtained by News 6, the medical examiner ruled 9-month-old Zachary Jackson's death as undetermined. 
The infant was found unresponsive at Dodd Family Daycare in Clermont in July. He was rushed to a nearby CentraCare. The medical examiner wrote in the report the baby wasn't breathing and did not have a pulse.
The infant was transported to South Lake Hospital and airlifted to Arnold Palmer Hospital in Orlando where he died.
According to the autopsy report, Zachary was a "normally-developed, well-nourished infant boy." The report states he was "meeting developmental milestones, had no significant medical history and no recent illness."
The medical examiner wrote Zachary was placed in a car seat at the day care saying "it is unclear how long the decedent had been in the car seat or when he was seen last alive."
The report also stated there was no evidence of external or internal trauma. 
According to the report, the medical examiner was unable to determine how the baby died.

"This was a challenging case and the cause of the decedent's cardiopulmonary arrest remains elusive," the report says. "It is unclear if external factors contributed to the death, although consideration is given to the fact that the decedent was placed in a car seat in a residential setting which can be an unsafe sleep surface."
The medical examiner wrote bilateral bronchopneumonia contributed to his death. Zachary's family tells News 6 he was not diagnosed with pneumonia prior to his death. 
The Lake County Sheriff's Office is continuing its investigation. A spokesperson for the department tells News 6 detectives are writing the case up and filing it with the state attorney's office on Tuesday. 
No charges have been filed in connection with the death investigation.

The owners of Dodd Family Daycare met with detectives Friday to discuss the death investigation. The owners did not answer any of our questions and their attorney said they had no comment.
News 6 reached out to DCF for an update on the state's investigation, but did not hear back in time for this story.
Check back for updates on this developing story.

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