Summerlin Avenue reopens weeks after massive water main break

More construction still needs to be done

ORLANDO, Fla. – Summerlin Avenue in Orlando reopened Friday, weeks after a water main break caused significant flooding in the area.

The break happened Oct. 22 on Summerlin Avenue and East Concord Street. The work on the damaged water main was completed that same night, but the road has remained closed in order to ensure the soil was dry and compacted before vehicles drove over it, according to the Orlando Utilities Commission.

For now, asphalt covers the road, but a city of Orlando spokeswoman said there is a plan to restore Concord Street to Hillcrest Street with brick.

OUC officials said late last month that a 1.5-mile-long, 77-year-old water main that runs between South Street and Marks Street would need to be replaced in order to prevent further issues in the area. Crews discovered that 20-inch-wide water main needed to be replaced while they were repairing the main that broke.

Studies will be conducted to ensure the new pipe is properly sized and can meet the water needs for residents in the area.

"During this process, OUC will work closely with the City of Orlando on the timing to allow the city to simultaneously evaluate the condition of a sewer line that runs parallel with the water main.  The expected timeline is up to 18 months for engineering and other studies to be done prior to construction," OUC officials said in a news release last month. "Construction could take up to two years, so it could be more than three years before everything is complete."