Lines form overnight for yearly free turkey giveaway in Orlando

Pendas Law Firm gives away turkeys for 10th year in a row

ORLANDO, Fla. – Pendas Law Firm continued a Thanksgiving tradition and handed out free turkeys to families Tuesday morning.

Hundreds lined up the night before to receive the turkeys. No registration was required and no questions were asked of those who showed up.

Owner Lou Pendas started the giveaway a decade ago after he saw families struggling during the recession. He said it began with a single client, but the need hasn't changed.

"It is incredible that in this day and age there is hunger in this country, one of the wealthiest in the world, so it's very humbling and we're going to continue to do this as long as we can," Pendas said.

The giveaway began in Orlando and has now expanded to Miami, Tampa and Fort Myers. This year the firm has given away 2,500 turkeys.