Suspects attack woman because she took photo of their car, authorities say

Incident occurred at intersection of Warnock Ave., Seneca St.

DAYTONA BEACH, Fla. – A 55-year-old mother is still frightened over a Monday night attack after she and her children were coming home from celebrating her birthday dinner.

"It was horrible because there was nothing you can do," she said.

The mother was too terrified to reveal her identity but said the ambush happened at the intersection of Warnock Avenue and Seneca Street.

"We saw a car parked in the middle of the road, blocking both lanes," she said.

The victim said the car looked suspicious and she got out to take a picture after the car refused to move. The situation escalated from there.

"One of the women grabbed my phone, took it away from me and started hitting me with my own phone," she said.

Police said 19-year-old Marshae Williams also punched the woman in the face. A 17-year-old girl reportedly dragged the woman by her hair into an empty field, while police said 45-year-old Latonia Williams stomped on the woman's hand.

"Then they used my own jacket to cover my head and kept punching me over and over," the victim said.

The victim's 19-year-old daughter tried to intervene only to get attacked as well. The victim's son called police and the family managed to get back into their car. The victim said she rear-ended the suspect's car trying to get away.

"I started honking and honking for somebody to come and help us. The police. Anybody. I'm not staying here for them to kill me," she said.

The victim suffered a broken finger, black eye, busted lip and bruises on her head and face.

Latonia Willams is charged with battery and aggravated battery. Marshae Williams is charged with aggravated battery, battery and robbery.

"I'm asking for justice. Hopefully, these girls, they will never again treat somebody else like that," the victim said.

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