Margaritaville Resort construction contributed to Kissimmee condo cracks, lawyer says

Residents evacuated from Sun Lake Condos 2 months ago

KISSIMMEE, Fla. – News 6 is learning new details about cracked condos in Kissimmee that forced people to leave their homes. The complex's lawyer claims a nearby construction project is partially to blame for why the Sun Lake Condos are unlivable. 
Almost two months ago, residents were forced to evacuate their homes after two buildings inside the complex mysteriously cracked and shifted. Osceola County officials deemed it unsafe for residents to live in the buildings.
News 6 learned investigators tested the land around the buildings after they shifted. News 6 obtained a lab report from the county with the test results, which determined the damage was caused by "deep seated sinkhole activity."
However, the lawyer representing the condo complex's HOA, Sarah Webner, said she believes construction at the new Margaritaville Resort behind the complex is to blame, possibly contributing to the sinkhole activity. 
"Margaritaville has been dumping water on to the condo's property, which was confirmed. They were dewatering for their construction," Weber told News 6 in an email. "My fear is that the water dumping contributed to the cause and/or exacerbated it."
At the time of the evacuations, residents told News 6 the area had recently flooded. Water lines could be seen several feet high on the buildings. 
A spokesperson for the developer said Sun Lake Condos has not made any allegations directly to the developer. She added there is land in between the development and the condo complex.
Webner said she is looking into filing an injunction "to at least stop the bleed." She added, "It is pressing that it get filed sooner rather than later."
According to the lab report, investigators determined the damage was too extensive to be repaired. Investigators suggested the buildings be demolished and rebuilt.

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