Florida day care sued over viral video of toddler's Easter bunny scare

Mother says she didn't give consent for her daughter to be photographed

KISSIMMEE, Fla. – A Florida mother is suing her 2-year-old daughter's day care after workers there filmed a video that went viral of the toddler's terrified reaction when the Easter bunny visited.

Cassandra Bryson said she signed a form denying permission for employees of Around the World Learning Center to photograph or videotape her daughter, Surai Bryson.

The video filmed at the Kissimmee day care on March 29 shows Surai screaming when someone dressed in an Easter bunny costume walks through her classroom door.

The girl's family said they only learned about the video after it went viral. It has since been featured on national television, including "Jimmy Kimmel Live."

Bryson said her daughter is in therapy to help her deal with the lasting effects of having the video spread online.

Cassandra Bryson and Scott Leeds
Cassandra Bryson and Scott Leeds

“What’s most upsetting is that this will be forever. There will never be a time that we can put this behind us. I do believe for years to come that this will rehash and come back up on social media,” Bryson said.

The lawsuit, filed in Osceola County, alleges that the day care violated the family's privacy request.

Attorney Scott Leeds from the Cochran Firm said he intends to find out which employee recorded and disseminated the video online. He's confident a judge will rule in his favor.

“I think this is an absolute case of negligence. I think there’s also malice here as well on the part of that employee for disseminating that video,” Leeds said.

Bryson said the day care did offer an apology and the employee who filmed and posted the video no longer works at the facility. She hopes her case will raise awareness so that the same thing doesn't happen to another child.

“This should never happen again. I know it won’t, but if there’s something that could be done in regards to cellphone policies at schools and focusing on education for children, which is the main goal for sending children to day care – getting a head start – it’s definitely what I’m looking to be the outcome of this,” Bryson said.

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