These are the ranch dressing gifts and decorations you didn't know you needed

Gifts include sweaters, earrings, fanny packs and more

That  6 1/2-foot foot tall blow-up bottle of ranch dressing you've always wanted for your yard is finally available -- and it's only one of many ranch products you can dip into during this holiday season.

Hidden Valley Ranch, the company famous for selling mini-kegs full of ranch dressing last year, is back in full force with this year's holiday gifts and decorations.

They include not only the aforementioned lawn inflatable, but also sweaters embroidered wth pictures of ranch bottles, a light-up ranch bottle Christmas tree topper and a ranch snow globe, among others.

Here's a full list of every ranch gift you can purchase for your loved ones (or yourself) for the holidays:

Credit: Hidden Valley Ranch

Ranch knickknacks

Why not ease your loved ones into your ranch obsession with some versatile gifts that they can use throughout the year? This ranch-themed Pop Socket can provide some extra grip on a handheld device, while the ranch fanny pack will allow you to carry it around on the go, hands-free. Not to mention the style statement just waiting to be made with the pizza and ranch combo earring set, for those truly committed to the crust-dipping lifestyle.

Credit: Hidden Valley Ranch

Ranch holiday-themed products

If you're ready to double down on both your love of the dressing and the holidays, these items might be for you. You can decorate your tree with ranch-shaped ornaments, while carefully arranging your presents, cradled in ranch wrapping paper, underneath. Don't forget the festive ranch snow globe, making sure to make a mental note to never leave your ranch outside, lest it get frozen inside of the bottle.

Credit: Hidden Valley Ranch

Ranch sweaters

If you've ever desperately wanted to express your love for a certain salad accoutrement while staying cozy, add these ranch-themed sweatshirts to your holiday wish list. The two sweatshirts are modeled after traditional "ugly" Christmas sweaters. One of the designs is for the ranch purist, while the other proudly proclaims the wearer's passion for a pizza pairing.

Credit: Hidden Valley Ranch

Inflatable ranch lawn decoration

This inflatable bottle of ranch, which stands at 6 feet, 5 inches, is perfect for the devout ranch fan who wants nothing more than to let all of their neighbors know of their commitment to the savory condiment. The decoration comes with a blower and tethers to make sure the bottle stays right-side up and to defeat the possibility of a jealous passerby stealing the oversized oblong object.

Credit: Hidden Valley Ranch

Magnum of ranch

This 1.75-liter bottle of ranch is only for the true connoisseur for whom nothing less than a limited-edition bottle and a custom-designed box will do. The bottle could be a great stocking stuffer, main gift or personal treat to oneself, depending on who proves to be the most emphatic ranch fan around.

Credit: Hidden Valley Ranch

Ranch bottle tree topper

If your family is divided between putting up an angel or a star this year, why not settle the debate by using something everyone can agree on -- a glowing bottle of creamy sauce? Now, not only can you top your salad with the condiment that has stolen your heart, but you can also top your tree with it. The tree topper is currently sold out, but with a little luck, patience and carrot stick dippers, it may come back soon enough for you to get your hands on it by the end of the month.

Imagine the look on your children's faces when they run to open presents and find that their entire holiday has been modeled around a condiment. The surprise they will feel will only be matched by their cries of pure, unbridled, ranch-flavored joy. It's probably best to start stocking up on the veggie trays now.