Disney employee confesses to video voyeurism in bathroom, deputies say

Officials say employee has been placed on unpaid leave

Disney's Animal Kingdom
Disney's Animal Kingdom

ORANGE COUNTY, Fla. – A Walt Disney World employee confessed to recording another employee underneath the stall of an employee restroom, according to officials from the Orange County Sheriff's Office.

The incident occurred Nov. 27 in the Pride Rock employee cafeteria bathroom in Disney's Animal Kingdom. 

Police said the employee, a 21-year-old man, confessed to recording another employee using the urinal after initially denying doing so. A Disney spokesperson said he has been placed on unpaid leave pending the results of the investigation.

According to an incident report, the victim was using a urinal in the men's restroom when he noticed someone holding a cellphone out from underneath the stall next to him. The report states that the cellphone's camera was pointing up at the victim.

The victim hit the wall of the stall and asked the person within the stall what they were doing, according to authorities. They said the victim took a picture of the suspect's shoes and went outside to wait for him to leave. This was also when the victim called both Disney security and the Sheriff's Office.

Deputies said about 20 minutes later, the suspect left the bathroom and attempted to quickly leave the building before being stopped by the victim and a co-worker. The suspect initially said he didn't have a cellphone, but eventually did show that he had a Samsung Galaxy Note 9 and used it to show the victim his photo album, authorities said. They said the album did not contain any photos of the victim.

Officials said the suspect said he was using his cellphone while in the stall when he dropped it. His picking it up from the floor was what he believed the victim saw.

When the victim asked the suspect why he didn't tell him that explanation initially, the suspect said he did and that the victim must not have heard it, according to the incident report. The report states that the victim was unsure if he wanted to press charges at the time.

Authorities said the suspect reiterated the same events to deputies at the scene. They said he willingly showed them his photo album on his phone, which deputies then took into custody. His phone will undergo a forensic analysis to determine if any photos were deleted.

The incident report states that the suspect voluntarily went with Disney security guards to a security office, where he eventually confessed to the crime. It does not appear that he has officially been arrested, nor have any formal charges been filed.