Volusia paramedic accused of collecting nude photos of co-workers for 'blackmail'

Paramedic resigns after investigation


VOLUSIA COUNTY, Fla. – A Volusia County paramedic resigned following an investigation into an accusation that she kept a collection of nude photos of her co-workers in case she needed them for blackmail, according to documents released by the county.

Officials said an investigation was launched in late September after an employee doing an exit interview with human resources said that paramedic Amy Sherlock had a collection of nude pictures of her colleagues, many of which were selfies, and he knew about it because he had seen some of the photos about a year ago.

That employee said Sherlock kept the images as insurance in case she ever needed to blackmail someone to get out of trouble, the report said. He said Sherlock traded nude photos with other county employees and she kept copies of each image on her phone, computer and an external hard drive, documents show.

Officials said other employees admitted to either hearing about or seeing pictures from Sherlock's collection.

One employee said Sherlock showed her an image Sherlock received from the employee's ex-boyfriend that he took without her knowledge while she was in the shower. Sherlock told the employee that she deleted the image because the two women are friends.

When county officials interviewed Sherlock about the accusations, she admitted that she had nude pictures of her co-workers "at one point." She said she was in a text message thread with three former male emergency medical services employees and they would all post nude pictures of other employees with whom they had been romantically involved, documents show.

She denied showing anyone the pictures since May 2017, even though one employee said Sherlock offered to show him pictures in September 2018.

When asked why she kept the pictures, Sherlock responded that it was "the thing to do" and that sharing the photos made her feel like she had a friendship with the three other employees in the text thread.

Sherlock resigned Dec. 4.

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