St. Cloud mother searching for driver who plowed through yard Christmas Day nearly striking son

ST. CLOUD, Fla. – Tire tracks in the grass still mark the area where an out of control driver plowed through Jessica Young's front lawn.

The mother of three said a man in a white truck left the road, crashed into her cable box and nearly struck her 8-year-old son. 

It happened along Lakeshore Boulevard near Mississippi Street in St. Cloud on Christmas Day.

"It was 1:30 in the afternoon, we already opened our presents, they were super excited about the tractor," Young said.

While outside with her children she said she heard tires screeching before she saw a truck charging at her son who was sitting in a toy tractor. 

Young said, "It happened so fast and everyone said 'did you get his license plate?' It was such a blur of quick crazy."

Before Young could process what happened she said the vehicle crashed into her neighbor's tree and took off.

"I 100 percent thought I was about to watch my son get run over right in front of my face and there was nothing I could do," Young said.

The St. Cloud mother said it was a frightening moment she wants others to know about but never feel.

Young said, "I think I blacked out, my stepdad said I screamed but I don't even remember screaming."

Young described the vehicle as a white and gold F-250 with a missing tailgate. 

St. Cloud police urge anyone with information to contact them.

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