The Weekly Newsletter: Turning off red light cameras, other big stories

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Hello and happy new year,

Did you miss a newscast from this past week or didn't check out the homepage of ClickOrlando.com?

Here is a list of what made headlines, along with a recap of this week's "The Weekly" interview. 

"The Weekly" looks at red light cameras in Central Florida

The purpose behind putting in red light cameras at intersections was to reduce crashes, but according to new research, that has not been the case. Last week, the city of Apopka ended its red light program, something that the mayor says was needed - after taking notice. News 6 anchor Justin Warmoth spoke with state Rep. Anthony Sabatini about his new bill - that would stop the use of red light cameras, statewide. 

Two-year-old injured after falling into rhino exhibit at Brevard County Zoo

A spokesperson for the zoo said the girl was participating in a hands-on experience, when she fell through the bars and was pinned against the wall until she was rescued. 

Florida bill would put out smoking on Florida beaches

If the new legislation is passed, violators would be fined or do community service. To vote on whether you think people should be allowed to smoke on public beaches, click here

FWC: Florida manatees killed at a record rate by boaters in 2018

The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation says it recorded 119 manatees deaths, due to boat strikes last year. There were also 91 deaths caused by red tide. 

Straw brawl: Video shows Florida customer attacking McDonald's employee

A new ordinance in St. Petersburg bans restaurants from keeping straws in open areas. When Yasmine James told Daniel Taylor about the rule, that's when a witness says Taylor grabbed her shirt. To see the witness' cellphone video of the fight, click here

UCF superfan misses Fiesta Bowl, but gains love from Knights football team instead

The UCF football team's undefeated win streak came to an end on New Year's Day. Knight Nation has led the charge in support for the players, and one of those fans is Brittany Garcias. She was unable to fly to Arizona - under a doctor's orders. When players got the message, they let her know she wouldn't be forgotten on the field. 

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