FDOT makes signal changes near Colonial Drive railroad crossing

Two cars stopped on the tracks were clipped by trains last month


ORLANDO, Fla. – Florida Department of Transportation officials are making changes to a downtown Orlando intersection after two vehicles parked on the railroad crossing were clipped by trains.

Traffic is slow moving Sunday morning on Colonial Drive near I-4, but during the week the area can get congested. Some drivers take their chances and stop on the railroad tracks near that intersection.

In December, two cars were clipped by trains at that crossing on the same day. No one was hurt.

FDOT officials told News 6 the problem was that traffic was backing up and cars were waiting on the tracks for the lights to change.

After the crashes, FDOT crews observed the intersection to see if there were any changes that could be made. State transportation officials are now taking extra safety measures to make sure cars don't stop on the tracks.

An FDOT spokesperson tells News 6 crews made adjustments to the traffic signals at Garland and Hughey avenues, including changing the timing of the left turn arrow onto I-4.

FDOT said the goal is to get traffic moving.

Crews also added a new railroad crossing sign painted on the pavement in the far westbound lane on Colonial Drive. It serves as a warning to drivers to stop at the stop bar, which is the safest place they can be as a train passes through the intersection. 

An FDOT spokesperson said they have not had any issues since making these changes. They noted that for ultimate safety, drivers should stay fully clear of the tracks. 

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