'Oh my gosh, it's a silencer:' Woman describes terrifying armed robbery

2 arrested in connection with Orlando robbery

ORLANDO, Fla. – Orange County deputies have identified the two suspects who allegedly robbed a woman at gunpoint.

Jean Germinal, 18, and Jean Cleophat face felony charges after investigators say they pointed a gun at Leticia Benitez and demanded money.

"I open the door put my purse down," Benitez recalled. "As soon as I turn around, there is two guys right in front of me, one with a gun."

The robbery happened Monday in the parking lot of Castilian Apartments in Orlando, located near Holden Avenue and Rio Grande Avenue.

Benitez said she was headed to work and heard footsteps before she was ambushed.

"I have seen so much that I'm thinking, 'Oh my gosh, it's a silencer. If he shoots me, nobody is going to hear,'" Benitez said. 

The Chicago native said she didn't scream as she felt the barrel of the gun on her chest.

"That was it -- I panicked, I froze, I didn't know what to do," she said. "And all he said was, 'Give me your money.'"

Benitez said when she told the pair that she didn't have money, they ordered her to give them her cellphone and bank card.

As it turns out, the bank card and cellphone police say was stolen from Benitez helped catch the duo.

Cleophat and Germinal appeared before a judge Tuesday morning.

Despite the outcome, Benitez said the two men have stolen her sense of security.

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