Motorized wheelchair donated to Apopka family

America Warnack said her son's old wheelchair had mechanical issues

APOPKA, Fla. – An Apopka family that received a donated gift to ride on the Polar Express Train in Mount Dora last month has received another gift from the community.

America Warnack said that last Thursday, the Apopka Fire Department and the city's mayor all showed up to their house. Warnack said the group delivered a donated motorized wheelchair for her son, Derrick.

The family took a picture posing with city officials and their new chair.

Warnack said her son's old wheelchair had mechanical issues.

"It would cut out in the middle of the park or wherever we were. The grocery store, just cuts out. Yeah, it was time for a new one," Warnack said.

Warnack said someone who saw the previous story contacted the fire department to donate the wheelchair.

"The person that donated the chair saw it, and he recognized the need and called the fire station, and immediately, within, like, minutes after the first broadcast and said, 'I no longer need this chair. I want to give it to this family,'" Warnack said. "Genuinely happy. You can see it on the faces. They were so full of joy to be able to do this for us. We were so grateful. These people will be our family forever."

Warnack said next week, the chair will be custom-fitted for Derrick to insure he is seated properly as he gets around.

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