News 6 Now -- 1/11/19


It's Friday and in Central Florida, that means breaking news. If the thought of the weekend had you a bit distracted today, no worries. We've compiled a list of today's headlines to help you catch up.

Groveland Four receive pardon

Four men who were wrongly accused of raping a woman 70 years ago have finally been granted clemency by Florida lawmakers. Read about why the pardon took so long and how local leaders are reacting.

Jayme Closs found alive

A Wisconsin teenager who has been missing for nearly three months after the murders of her parents was found alive after escaping from her accused captor. Find out how Jayme Closs escaped and what we know so far about the man accused of kidnapping her and killing her parents.

Drug-sniffing K-9 working again

Jake the dog is back on the job after reacting to a drug he sniffed in a cruise ship passenger's luggage Thursday in Port Canaveral. The dog was treated with overdose drug Narcan while waiting to be seen by a veterinarian. Watch videos of Jake's recovery.

Teens accused of vandalizing middle school

One teen allegedly called 911 while he and another teenage boy broke into a classroom at Teague Middle School and caused over $1,000 worth of damage. Hear what the boy told the 911 operator while inside the room.

Authorities find baby in stolen car

Ocoee police say a man stole a car and a baby Friday morning after fighting the child's mother. Read about how the carjacking happened and how officers eventually apprehended the suspect.

Gov. DeSantis promises to "hold officials accountable"

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis is scheduled to hold a press conference at 4:30 p.m. Friday in Broward County on his plans to "hold government officials accountable." See what that could mean for one Broward County official.

Fallen officer remembered for his compassion

The wife of a fallen Kissimmee police officer remembers him as a man with a passion for helping others. Find out the officer's life motto and how his legacy is being kept alive.

Weekend warmup in store

If you've been chilly these past few days, the coming weekend's forecast might be the highlight of your day. Read the full forecast and rain chances for the next few days.