Orange County corrections officer, new girlfriend, left work to beat ex-partner, police say

Two corrections workers arrested on domestic violence battery charges


ORLANDO, Fla. – A Orange County Department of Corrections employee and his new girlfriend, also a jail employee are accused of beating the mother of his children during an attack that police said took place while both employees should have been at work.

Orlando police arrested Jamall Jolly, 32, and Tia Chin, 28, Tuesday on charges of domestic violence battery and battery.

Police said Jolly and the victim were previously in a relationship and have two children together but separated several months ago.

According to the arrest report, Jolly and Chin, his new girlfriend, were in uniform when they went to his ex's apartment Monday night and Jolly asked her to come outside. When she came out Jolly grabbed her hair and held her as Chin punched her repeatedly, including striking her with a flashlight on her duty belt, the victim told deputies. Chin was bitten by the victim during the attack, according to the report.

The victim has several lacerations to her face and back, scratches on her arms, face, neck, chest and arms. She was treated on scene by Orange County Fire Department paramedics and said she would have to seek further medical treatment later when someone could watch her children.

At the time of the alleged attack both employees were supposed to be on duty, according to the report. Both suspects left the victim's apartment and went back to the jail for work, police said.

A supervisor on duty told police Jolly and Chin left while on shift.

"The incident is currently under administrative review to determine the appropriate course of action," a spokesperson for the Orange County Corrections Center said.

Chin was hired in April 2017. Jolly has been with the Cepartment of Corrections since February 2015.

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