Parked cars create problem for school buses navigating Osprey Ridge neighborhood

ORANGE COUNTY, Fla. – An Orange County woman is pushing for change in her Osprey Ridge neighborhood after her child's school bus had constant problems picking up children due to parked cars in the road.

Aileen Vazquez said her child's bus, which is specifically for students with special needs, has a hard time getting around the curb in her neighborhood along Crystal Bay Lane, due to cars parked on both sides of the street.

"It's like that every single morning," Vazquez said.

She took video of the problem Wednesday morning. It shows the bus inching around the corner, and barely hitting cars on both sides.

"Some of the neighbors tell me that this has been going on for years and that it is time that we do something," Vazquez said.

Vazquez relies heavily on the bus, and said it's imperative in her son's daily routine. 

She's contacted her homeowners' association and the sheriff's office. A representative with the HOA said it's an Orange County issue, saying that while they have heard concerns and would like to help, it's not in their power.

The Orange County Sheriff's Office told her no laws are being broken by drivers parking their cars in the road.
After those failed efforts and asking her neighbors to move their cars, she started a petition to try and solve the problem.

A representative with Orange County Commissioner Jennifer Thompson's office said 66 percent of the resident on  Crystal Bay Lane would need to vote in support of one sided parking to get movement on a possible change.

A representative with Orange County has alerted public works. An employee will take a look at the curbs from a safety perspective. 

A transportation manager with Orange County Public Schools was surveying the concern Thursday and a representative with OCPS said they are working with the county to find a solution.