Brevard Zoo welcomes another baby sloth

Second baby greeted within 4-month span


MELBOURNE, Fla. – Brevard Zoo has welcomed yet another baby sloth to the animal family.

On Friday, Jan. 4, 13-year-old Sammy gave birth to a Linnaeus's two-toed sloth and is taking great care of the unnamed newborn, according to Brevard Zoo officials.

Tango, Sammy's first child, is also housed at the zoo and gave birth to Lorenzo in October 2018. Tango, however, did not show interest in taking care of her baby, making zookeepers step in to hand-raise the child.

“Sammy is not a first-time mom, so she has experience in raising babies,” said Michelle Smurl, director of animal programs at the zoo. “We’re glad to be able to take a hands-off approach and see the newborn thriving in a more natural setting.”

The father of both sloth babies is 15-year-old Dustin. The newborn's sex is currently unknown as testing is required to determine it in the species, officials said.

The newborn will remain on its mother until it reaches 6 months old when it finally becomes independent, according to officials.

The young family is located at the Le Selva section of the park but unfortunately for guests, the location is unviewable due to construction. However, they can still take a peak at the sloths from the Treetop Trek, officials said.

Linnaeus's two-toed sloths face habitat loss and the exotic pet trade in central and South America, officials said, especially due to their slow-paced nature.