Lack of IRS workers clocking in during shutdown could delay tax refunds

Report: Hundreds given permission to skip work as shutdown continues

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KISSIMMEE, Fla. – Tax season is upon us this month, but concerns are growing as the partial government shutdown continues.

According to the Washington Post, hundreds of International Revenue Services employees across the country could stop clocking in, which could delay tax refunds. 

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"It is a very crucial time of the year because there are a lot of people saying they aren't going to go back to work, and at this time, a lot of families are depending on their tax refunds," Tameka Whittaker said.

Whittaker is a tax specialist and the owner of Unlimited Tax Services in Kissimmee.

She said clients could have a second option if the shutdown continues. They can apply for cash advance in the meantime. 

"It's hard not just (on) the ones who are waiting to get their taxes, it's hard on a lot of tax offices because you need funds to come in," she added.

Whittaker said this is the first time she's seen the government closed this long in her years of working as a tax specialist. The shutdown has been in effect since Dec. 22, making it the longest U.S. government shutdown in history.

"We are out there working and don't even know when we are going to get paid as tax professionals, so it's a hard hit on everybody," Whittaker said.

Tax specialists said the sooner you file your taxes, the faster you can receive your refunds once the government reopens. 

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