'Peacock house' goes up for sale after code-enforcement fines

Neighbors file complaints about bird problem

ORLANDO, Fla. – A house along Bumby Avenue that has been a source of frustration to neighbors in Audubon Park for years is on the market.

Neighbors have filed complaints to code enforcement officers about a peacock problem at the home of Michael Housel.

Leticia Pence, who lives across the street from Housel, said she has been dealing with more than two dozens peacocks howling and shrieking at all hours of the day and night.

"They are very obnoxious. They are very loud. They are very destructive," Pence said.


Over the years, records show neighbors have lodged repeated complaints with the city of Orlando about the issue. The property has been the focus of multiple code-enforcement complaints dating back to 2012.

"I have had to replace my roof," Pence said. "I've had to get a new car. I've had to replace my plants a million times. It's been absolutely horrid."

Pence and some neighbors said they were ecstatic when they learned Housel's house, known as "the peacock house," was up for sale.

"I'm just happy that he is going to be gone and hopefully just take his peacocks with him," Pence said.

Housel's next-door neighbor, Lin Lin, said he hasn't complained about the peacocks and peahens roaming on his property because he wants to keep the peace.

"He is my neighbor, so I can't say nothing," Lin said.

Housel refused to answer our questions about the pending sale and turned us away.

"Get off! You understand me!" Housel said.

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