Mother's boyfriend blamed for causing child's brain damage, deputies say

Suspect faces aggravated child abuse charge

VOLUSIA COUNTY, Fla. – A man accused of abusing his girlfriend's child to the point that the boy suffered brain damage was recently arrested, according to the Volusia County Sheriff's Office.

Deputies said the investigation began in June when the child was taken to Arnold Palmer Hospital for Children after suffering what is believed to have been a seizure and losing consciousness.

At first, the boy's mother said that she had left her son in the care of her boyfriend, 22-year-old Jesus Rolon, while she was at work and that shortly after she returned home she heard a "thud" and found her son had fallen off the bed onto the tile floor when a dog jumped onto the bed, the report said.

Rolon told a similar story about how the child was injured but deputies said they noticed inconsistencies.

The couple said that after the fall, the boy was motionless so they spanked him in an attempt to get him to become alert then drove him to an area hospital, according to the affidavit. The mother said she had to perform CPR as they drove to the hospital because the boy was turning pale and nearly purple, the report said.

Doctors diagnosed the boy as having multiple hematomas on his brain, a skull fracture, six rib fractures, hemorrhaging in his right eyes and bruises on his butt, according to the affidavit. Officials said the injuries were consistent with being shaken, hit or slammed.

Deputies said when they interviewed the mother again, she admitted that she when she left for work that day, the child was fine then shortly before she arrived home she received a text from Rolon that said, "ok we have to talk when (you) get home." 

When she got home, she said that Rolon claimed that the child fell off the bed, according to the affidavit.

During an interview on Aug. 20, the woman said she had to change her phone number because Rolon had been threatening her so she was unable to do a controlled phone call with him, the report said.

As of October, the boy was still recovering from the brain damage and it's unclear if the damage is permanent, according to authorities. His current condition is unknown.

Rolon was arrested Friday on an aggravated child abuse charge. Deputies have not said how they believe Rolon caused the boy's injuries.

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