Passengers arrive in Orlando after plane gets stuck in snow

Allegiant Airlines Flight 2117 slid into snow bank on tarmac in Toledo

SANFORD, Fla. – Allegiant Airlines passengers, whose plane got stuck in the snow while departing Toledo Express Airport on Monday night, arrived in the Orlando area 24 hours late.

Allegiant Airlines said Flight 2117, bound for Sanford-Orlando International Airport, was getting ready to take off on Monday when the plane slid on the tarmac and got stuck in a snow bank.

"We made this turn, and the plane just slid," said passenger Debbie Katich. "They were digging out the plane, and they said we’re waiting for a tow."

Katich said she and the 120 other passengers were trapped on board the plane for two hours.

"There is a mother with two kids that were going to Disney, and she was looking at the window saying, 'Where’s Mickey Mouse?' I said, 'Oh my gosh,' it just killed me."

That mother was Katie Limburg.

"We hung onto the idea that we were going to make it to Disney," she said. "Positive vibes, and we made it happen." 

Toledo and other Midwest cities are suffering from what meteorologists are calling a polar vortex.

Temperatures in many of the cities are 100 degrees colder than Orlando, and the weather has caused delays and cancellations at Orlando International Airport.

Passengers on board the Allegiant Airlines flight said the airline put some of them up in hotels on Monday night, and they also offered them travel vouchers for the inconvenience.

Most said they were glad they were safe.

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