Gov. DeSantis hosts event aimed at deregulating business

'Harmful regulations' to be identified during 'Florida Deregathon'

ORLANDO, Fla. – Gov. Ron DeSantis says he wants to identify "harmful regulations" that are hurting businesses across the state, which is why he plans to host a "Florida Deregathon" event in Orlando.

Representatives from each of Florida's 23 professional licensing boards have been invited to attend the event Thursday at Valencia College.

“Florida is one of the most attractive states in the nation to do business, but unnecessary government regulations create a burden upon our businesses, both small and large,” DeSantis said. “Aggressive and appropriate deregulation is a top priority of my administration. Aside from hurting our businesses, harmful regulations are costly, stifle competition and limit our labor pool. I look forward to working with the boards to see what can be done to keep Florida on a trajectory toward continued prosperity.”

No official action will be taken during the event, but the governor has told business representatives to come ready to discuss and identify which regulation practices are most stifling and could potentially be eliminated.

Department of Business and Professional Regulation Secretary Halsey Beshears said she hopes the event will be a success.

"As a business owner and entrepreneur, I know from experience that needless regulations act as a damper on Florida’s economy and disproportionately affect small businesses,” Beshears said. “I look forward to hearing from Florida’s professional licensing boards about ways we can eliminate burdensome requirements and craft a common-sense approach to regulating business in the state of Florida.”

To read the full letter that DeSantis sent to Florida's professional licensing boards, click here.