Device hopes to help save lives, find lost people

Bracelet connects to law enforcement via radio frequencies

ORANGE COUNTY, Fla. – Orange County Sheriff's Department officials on Monday announced a partnership with foundation Project Lifesaver to help find people with cognitive disabilities who get lost.

The program works by equipping people who suffer from Alzheimer's disease, autism, or other cognitive issues with bracelets that they wear 24/7 on their wrist or ankle.

The bracelet connects to radio frequencies through a device held by the Sheriff's Department, and can locate someone within a one-mile radius, and can also locate them by air.

Deputies will be able to find the person by a beeping noise that gets louder as they get closer to the person.

Project Lifesaver founder Gene Saunders said so far, the program has been failproof.

"A number of agencies have accounted for over 3,400 rescues without a failure, and they've averaged less than 30 minutes for these rescues," Saunders said.

The project is partially funded by a $75,000 state grant, the bracelets are $325 each and must be purchased through Project Lifesaver. They say they will work with those who are deterred by the price tag. 

Purchase a bracelet at projectlifesaver.org.