Man damages truck in road rage incident over stop sign, man says

Incident happened at Pappa's Drive In Restaurant parking lot

NEW SMYRNA BEACH, Fla. – Police are searching for the driver they said damaged a man's car after the victim alerted him of a stop sign.

It happened Thursday afternoon in the parking lot of Pappa's Drive In Restaurant.
"I was thinking, 'How could somebody be this crazy over me just telling them there's a stop sign there?''" said Edward Taylor.
Taylor, 55, was about to pull into the restaurant's parking lot when police said a silver Honda Accord ran a stop sign along Faulkner Street.
"I told him, I said, 'There's a G-D stop sign right there, you need to stop.' That's when he flipped me the bird," said Taylor.
Taylor said he continued into the parking lot thinking the incident was over, only to learn the Honda Accord pulled in after him believing Taylor was already inside.
"He pulled up real close to the side of my truck and got out. I seen him with his arm doing something and put a big scrape mark on the side of my truck. I walked up and swat his hand down to keep him from going all the way down on my truck and he told me, "'I'll kill you, you (expelitive).'"
Taylor said the driver then got into his car and started backing up and said he was almost struck.
"I was fearing for my life when he put that car in reverse, trying to pin me in between the two vehicles," said Taylor.
He jumped out of the way and scribbled the man's tag number down before calling 911. Taylor said the suspect's door scratched the side of his new Chevrolet Silverado truck, costing him almost $4,000 in damages. 
"I hope they put him in jail so he can realize that he could have killed somebody. Maybe he'll think twice the next time he does something like that," said Taylor.
If arrested, the man could face an aggravated assault charge.

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