Poinciana High School teacher accused of stalking pregnant ex arrested again

Timothy Moriarty cut victim's tires, called 10-year-old girl names, deputies say

OSCEOLA COUNTY, Fla. – A Poinciana High School teacher accused of stalking and harassing his pregnant girlfriend and her 10-year-old daughter was arrested for the second time in two weeks, according to an Osceola County arrest warrant.

Timothy Moriarty, 43, was first arrested Jan. 27 when deputies responded to Moriarty's home on Barrington Drive, where the victim told deputies she and Moriarty had fought. After the fight, she said she took her 10-year-old daughter and left the home to stay at a neighbor's place across the street.

Moriarty packed up all of the victim 's and her daughter's belongings and put them outside, according to the arrest warrant. He called the victim and said if she did not collect her things, he would set them on fire.

The victim, who is pregnant with Moriarty's child, called deputies because she was afraid to collect her belongings alone. When deputies arrived just after midnight, they said Moriarty was belligerent and confrontational with them. Moriarty demanded the key to the home from his girlfriend but deputies told him because she lived, there they could not force her to return the key.

About two hours later, around 2 a.m., deputies said they were called back to Barrington Drive to the house where the victim and her daughter were staying with a neighbor. Moriarty was pounding on the door and demanding his key back, documents show.

Moriarty was also accused of drilling holes in all four of the victim's vehicle's tires overnight.

Deputies again described Moriarty's behavior as belligerent and hostile. That second encounter on Jan. 27 with deputies resulted in Moriarty's arrest on charges of assault on a law enforcement officer, breach of peace and resisting arrest.

The same day, after bonding out of the Osceola County Jail, the victim called deputies back to the home and said since Moriarty had posted bail, he had been texting and attempting to call her repeatedly.

The victim again called deputies Feb. 4 to report Moriarty had continued to harass her and her daughter, as well as other residents of the house where they were staying. The victim told deputies Moriarty harasses them whenever they step out of the house, including calling the 10-year-old girl names and yelling profanities at her while she was outside playing.

According to the arrest warrant, Moriarty would shine his high beams into the home where the victim was staying and taped a picture of her daughter on their door.

The victim said she sent her daughter to live with family in New York until she can move into a new home.

A neighbor told News 6 Moriarty never acted like this before and said his personality had recently changed.
A judge signed an arrest warrant Feb. 5, and Moriarty was arrested at Poinciana High School this week. He was booked into the Osceola County Jail on stalking and criminal mischief charges and posted bail Friday. 
Osceola County School officials said Moriarty was not placed on leave after his Jan. 27 arrest where he was working at the high school as a family and consumer services teacher. 
The district's public information officer, Dana Schafer, told News 6 Moriarty will not return to the school after the second arrest. He will report to the school district's human resources department Monday where the status of his employment will be determined. 
Moriarty was hired with the School District of Osceola County in August 2018, officials said. 
Moriarty's students said he teaches a culinary class. They described him as a great teacher who cared for his students.
"Everybody likes him because he's like a school father," student Percella Newman said. "He's a really nice person. He gives us good advice."
News 6 spoke to Moriarty on the phone Friday to ask about his arrest. He told us "no comment." 

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