Woman made $8,000 in fraudulent charges using stolen identities, deputies say

Multiple local victims affected


SANFORD, Fla. – The Seminole County Sheriff's Department is searching for a woman suspected of making up to $8,000 in fraudulent credit card charges using the stolen identities of multiple local victims.

In a tweet posted Friday morning, the Sheriff's Office released security camera photos of the woman and asked followers to report any sightings to their Financial Crimes Unit. 

"Do you know her???" The tweet read. "This suspect stole identities of multiple local victims to apply for credit cards and make at least $8,000 in fraudulent charges. If you have information please contact our Financial Crimes Unit at (407) 665-6850 Thank you!#FraudPreventionFriday"


The Sheriff's Department received a report Feb. 3 from Sanford resident Lourdes Ravelo who stated that a credit card account was opened and a package was ordered using her personal information. 

According to the report, Ravelo said she received a notice to pick up a FedEx package at their Longwood location. When her husband arrived, he was informed there had been a request made to transfer the package to the Sanford, location where it had already been picked up. 

Ravelo told deputies that she was able to trace the package back to Wells Fargo Bank. When she went to find out what the package was, she was informed by bank employees that an $8,000 charge was made to a Dillard's credit card in her name.

Ravelo stated she did not apply for a Dillard's credit card nor did she authorize anyone to open an account using her name. 

The Seminole County Sheriff's Office urges anyone with information on the unidentified woman to contact them.