Dog attack puts woman in the hospital with over 15 wounds, report says

2 dogs were stopped by neighbor with stun gun

VOLUSIA COUNTY, Fla. – Shelly Joseph didn't think twice about using her stun gun on two dogs that attacked a 34-year-old woman Sunday night.

"I was scared but I had to do what I had to do," Joseph said. "She was on the ground screaming and hollering."

The attack occurred on Arthur Avenue as the woman was walking home from work. Joseph said she saw the dogs bite the woman from head to toe and used her Taser them until they stopped, or, so she thought.

 "They backed off. Then they came back after me so I steadily put my Taser on and my light and they took off," said Joseph.

The woman was rushed to Halifax Health Medical Center with 16 injuries to her face and body, according to an incident report. Her family spoke to News 6 about her condition.

"She's recovering well. She went through her surgeries last night," the victim's stepson, Jean Pierre Labrousse, said.

Labrousse said he's thankful for Joseph, who he believes saved his stepmother's life.

"It's very cool. She's brave. Most people aren't brave these days," he said.

Volusia County Animal Services responded to a house down the street and picked up the dogs. Both are pit bulls.

Officials believe the dogs escaped from an open window. Their owner was cited for not having proof of rabies shots or licenses to own the dogs.

The woman's attack has some neighbors a bit worried.

"My fear is if it was a little kid, they would have never made it. But, my prayer goes out to her and her family," neighbor Cathy Allen said.

As of Monday afternoon, the woman is still at the hospital. Her family hopes she can return home soon and have a speedy recovery.

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