Family of dead mother addresses city of Cocoa

Family thanked community for support during the search for Tashaun Jackson

COCOA – The family of a Brevard County mother found dead last week addressed the city of Cocoa on Tuesday night.

The family thanked the community for its support and resources during the search for Tashaun Jackson, 31.

Jackson was the mother of four young children. 

Sh'Mika Scott-Devoe said that it's been difficult to explain what happened to her aunt's four children.

"We try to speak in hush tones," Scott-Devoe said. "They know. I feel like it's torturous to them to continue to speak about it, but this is something we have to do until it's resolved."

Several people at the meeting expressed their willingness to help the family with the children.

Jackson's family said the community should share in its goal of getting the person responsible for her death off the streets.

"Any information, anything that you feel may have been suspicious that day, anything you might know, please come forward," Scott-Devoe said. 

A joint funeral has been planned for Jackson and her father, Charles Jackson, 62.

Charles Jackson was killed on Friday after being hit by a vehicle while riding his bicycle. The family said he was killed an hour after Tashaun Jackson's body was found.

The family has set up this GoFundMe page to help family members during this time.

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