Mix 105.1's CJ Robinson has new role on News 6 at Nine

Catch Robinson on News 6 Wednesdays at 9 a.m.

ORLANDO, Fla. – There's a new personality joining the News 6 at Nine team.

Every weekday at 3 p.m., CJ Robinson takes the mic on Mix 105.1 to make your drive to or from work entertaining. Now, Central Florida is getting an extra dose of fun with "Mixing it Up with CJ" on News 6.

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Robinson is one of the popular voices at Mix 105.1 and is no stranger to Central Florida. Born and raised in Ocala, Clint J. Robinson was just a teen when he fell in love with radio. He was initially offered the job of being an event organizer, but life had other plans for him, quickly landing him an on-air gig.

"I was this 16-year-old millennial and I was with this -- his term -- '50-year-old hillbilly,' and I taught him MySpace at the time. He taught me radio," Robinson said while sitting inside the radio booth that's been his second home for seven years now.

Music has always been a part of his life. While growing up on a horse farm, Robinson's parents listened to country music. As time went by, he found his own taste.

"I developed an affinity for pop music. At the time, 'N Sync came out and Backstreet Boys, Britney Spears. I was, like, 'Oh, this is awesome. This is so different,'" Robinson said.

He said he sees himself as a regular guy who enjoys the simple things.

"I'm jeans and a T-shirt, sitting on my couch watching 'The Big Bang Theory.' I love just TV. I love soaking it up. I love theater. I love going catching shows at the Dr. Phillips Center. I love soccer. I'm a big fan of women's soccer," Robinson said.

He's also a huge Taylor Swift fan. A couple of years ago, he got to meet the star.

"Not even kidding -- that was the best day of my life," Robinson said.

Robinson has actually become something of a household name himself.

"I remember -- it was, like, four or five years ago -- this girl came up to me and asked for an autograph, and I was, like, 'What? An autograph?' It's just two letters. But at that moment, I was, like, 'Is this what it feels like to be a celebrity?' And I don't think I am," Robinson said.

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A graduate of Belleview High School, the 28-year-old is getting ready for his next gig -- on News 6, where he'll join the team once per week to discuss community events, entertainment topics and lend his view on the stories of the day.

"My job here -- I want to get results for my listeners. I want to make sure they're ahead of the traffic, that they feel good. I know that with News 6, it's getting results," Robinson said. "It's making sure they know what's going around, going on in the community and in the world and so, I think, bridging that gap and being able to bring what I do on the radio to the television, I am so excited for it."

He said that no matter where life takes him, what matters the most is that he never loses touch with where he came from and what his purpose is.

"I want to always remain that same kid from Ocala that just had dreams and aspirations to make people feel good," Robinson said.

You can catch Robinson on News 6 at Nine every Wednesday, and on Mix 105.1 on Monday through Friday from 3 to 7 p.m.

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