Texas teacher cuts waist-long hair off to match student bullied for short hair

Kindergarten student bullied for short hair


WILLIS, Texas – A Texas teacher did an unimaginable act all in support of a bullied student.

A student in Shannon Grimm’s kindergarten classroom has really short hair and was being made fun of for it, so she cut her hair to match.

“She’s been really sad and depressed in school because friends think she looks like a boy,” Grimm said in a Facebook Live video she posted on her page on Jan. 3. 

Grimm went on to say, “When (my students) come to school sad and upset, that destroys me as a teacher.”

The teacher said her friends encouraged her to just talk to her students about the situation but she wanted to show them. 

“The first thing (my son) said was I look like a boy and that’s exactly why I cut my hair,” Grimm said. “Now I know what she feels like.”

The teacher tried to show to her students that “you can look anyway and still be true to yourself.”

The teacher wants her children to come to school to have fun and be love and not made fun of for the way they look.

“My students mean more to me than my hair,” said Grimm. “Your beauty lies within.”

What a great lesson this teacher is providing her students.

Posted by Shannon Grimm on Thursday, January 3, 2019

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