Boy uses Ring doorbell camera to ask his dad a very important question

There are some questions in life that just can't wait

Photo courtesy of Ring.com
Photo courtesy of Ring.com

HASLETT, Mich. – A young boy in Haslett had a very urgent question for his dad and he knew just how to get the answer he needed thanks to modern technology.

In a video posted in November by Ring.com, a home security company that manufactures outdoor motion-based cameras, the boy can be seen smiling into the doorbell camera as he asks his dad how to get to the "kids channel" on the family's TV. 

His father, who was presumably at work, can be heard laughing on the other end as he explains to his co-workers what's happening. 

"That's my kid," the father can be heard saying over the speaker. 

At first, his dad has a few reservations about his son being home alone, asking him where his mother is. The confusion is quickly cleared up when the boy explains that she's just across the street. 

"I wanted to go home and she [his mother] said I could come here and turn on the kids channel," he explained. 

Finally his dad explains how to get to the "kids channel" and with one last kiss to the camera the boy runs back indoors.

Watch the adorable encounter at the top of this story.