Former UCF president's settlement could include 9-month paid sabbatical

Under proposed settlement Dale Whittaker would research public policy for UCF


ORLANDO, Fla. – University of Central Florida's former President Dale Whittaker could conduct research to improve student access to quality education as part of a yet to be approved settlement package, according to a drafted agreement.

Whittaker offered his resignation Tuesday in an attempt to rebuild trust after UCF school officials misused $38 million to build an academic building. UCF's board of trustees voted to accept the resignation at an emergency meeting Thursday after hearing public comments from students, faculty, staff, alumni and community members.

The drafted settlement would give Whittaker a ninth-month sabbatical beginning March 1 and ending Nov. 29. During that time, he would be paid as a tenured faculty member 85 percent of his $506,000 base salary on a bi-weekly basis.

As part of the sabbatical, Whittaker would conduct public policy research on issues involving student access to quality education. At the end of the nine months he would turn in a report on his findings, according to the draft settlement.

As part of the settlement Whittaker will receive a severance payment Nov. 30 equal to 90 days of his sabbatical salary and receive up to $25,000 in moving-related expenses.

If the settlement receives final approval, Whittaker would be paid $430,100 over a one-year period for the sabbatical and the severance package.

The Board of Trustees Nominating and Governance Committee must approve the draft settlement next week before the full Board of Trustees can consider the settlement agreement.

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